Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Idea to Get Citizenship in St Kitts by Investment

We all have heard about the saying called “an idea can change your life” however we are not talking about cell phones or anything. It’s an idea to get a citizenship in St. Kitts by investment. Now I will provide you a small introduction about the place and its beautiful historic places for those people who are not aware of it. It is located in the eastern Caribbean island. We provide the St Kitts Citizenship by Investment which means you will get dual citizenship, passport, identity, and license and world tour visa within a stipulated time period by investing certain amount in it.

We have lot of site seeing places and historical ornaments which would mesmerize you with the beauty of the nature. There are lot of people who come to this place for vacation, business, trading and other purposes. The government has introduced the citizenship program over a decade ago which is still attracting lot of people to opt for the citizenship by investment. Investment on citizenship is fairly a very good option for those who are planning to settle in island after or before their retirement from the job. 

Some of the beautiful site seeing places are Romney Manor, Church of the Immaculate Conception, The Government House, Fairview Great House & Botanical Gardens, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Old Treasury Building, Shadwell Great House, St. Kitts Sugar Factory and Compound, Berkely Memorial, Wingfield River and Water Works, Lodge Great House, Charles Fort, Cleverly Hill, Sandy Point, Georgian House, La Guerite Reservoir, Spooner's Ginnery, Carib Petroglyphs, Half Way Tree Village, Springfield Cemetary and Chapel, Belmont Estate Yard, Bloody Point, Old Road Bay, Half Way Tree Cistern, Independence Square, St. George's Anglican Church, The St. Kitts Scenic Railway Ltd. Etc and many more sites. 

There are lots of advantages of getting a dual citizenship for a person like:

The first and foremost benefit would be a drastic reduction in the payment of taxes, you can have tax free residence, you can keep your assets, life and business protected etc.

You can invest in the form of donations, real estates, Government treasury bonds or charity donations etc.

Processing of a dual citizenship passport is much easier when compared to other citizenship across the world and within a stipulated time.
Most of the business people find it advantages in investing in real estates in that particular country.

Investment in two countries would obviously give you a two way income from both the sides.

By getting a dual citizenship they get an opportunity to work in both the environments with two different languages which makes them as an asset for that particular company.

They also get lot of opportunities from both the countries and show case your talent and work in both the countries.

These are the major advantages of having citizenship in St. Kitts by investment. We provide you with excellent guidance and service in processing of the citizenship. An idea to get a dual citizenship will always makes you happy and prospers for various other reasons.

Get more information about St Kitts Citizenship by Investment please visit our website –  or contact us  Tel:- +1.869.4661712. Fax:- +1.869.4652452 , Address:- Belmont Resort Ltd PO Box 1208 A-10 Sands Complex Bay Road, Basseterre St. Kitts, West Indies.

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