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Get Citizenship Through Economic Investment Program

Citizenship By Investment

Countries providing Citizenship by Investment

Most of the states with policies of citizenship by investment are small nations like Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Montenegro, St. Kitts and Nevis. Other nations like United State of America, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria and United Kingdom too offer the options for investors to turn into residents and ultimately the citizens. 

Have you been searching for a complete Economic Citizenship? Well, then your search ends here! St. Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts Economic Citizenship through investment Program is the answer to your quest. Launched in 1984, this investment program is considered to be the oldest government operated ventures. A valuable citizenship program with outstanding benefits, and the satisfaction of making an economic contribution to the country! What more could you ask for? Before any second thoughts creep in, check out, the ultimate website for the details of the investment program. gives you a detailed picture of the investment program. If you are an interested investor, you can browse through the web pages and get acquainted with all the aspects of the citizenship like the necessary qualifications, how to apply, or any limitation or restrictions. Many remarkable benefits such as free-visa travels to many countries, tax exemptions, lack of residence requirements are very appealing. So what are you waiting for? Visit now, clear off all your second thoughts and enroll for this amazing economic citizenship. Make this great decision for you and your family!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment – A Real Insurance

The government St. Kitts runs St. Kitts citizenship by investment program to attract foreign investors in order to make a significant donation to the growth of the country. Interested investors along with their family members can directly qualify for this program, either by making a contribution to the Sugar Industry Diversification Federation or to the real estate of the country. With St. Kitts citizenship, people can save life during the time of financial crisis. Today, a large number of wealthy persons and international investors consider second passport or citizenship as good backup program during their critical conditions. Apart from international investors, regular travelers also can take advantage of visa free travel as St. Kitts citizenship benefits.

There are many other advantages and benefits offered to people with second citizenship by St. Kitts. They can renew expired passport on the basis of the naturalization certificate. St. Kitts recognizes second citizenship that means, people don’t need to reveal their current citizenship. At St. Kitts, people will get a better and luxury choice of places to reside. They can permanently live in the country if they want so. No taxes are paid to income, gift, capital gains, inheritance and wealth. Also, people can get a residence permit in different countries, possibly with a little formality than with their current citizenship. Privileges to residing and working in CARICOM member countries are provided as well as rights to visit and reside in UK, US and other Commonwealth Nations.

People are given with two choices to get qualified for citizenship program. Either make a non-refundable cash contribution to SIDF or purchase a real estate that they can further use for living or leasing. When applicants choose to one of these options, they get qualified with their families for citizenship. Visiting St. Kitts before applying for the program rests at applicant’s discretion. If they are unable to visit or there are no probabilities to travel, then authorized local agents will do all formalities in St. Kitts on their behalf. After a long time, when the passport gets expired, this agent will do this remotely. St. Kitts administration has no particular restrictions on any specific nations to take part in the citizenship by investment program.

At St. Kitts, all applications are being assumed on a common basis and are going through general vetting processes. Finally, the citizenship by investment program at St. Kitts is a legal process based on the statue. Citizenship once allowed will not be revoked even if there are changes in the governmental policies or executives. People should learn about second citizenship scams providing quick and cheap assistance with passports from a number of Central and Latin American countries that have never had such a program in place. To conclude, citizenship by investment at St. Kitts is quite an exclusive opportunity for many people who look for a legal, fair and reliable second citizenship and passport.

St. Kitts citizenship will be a real insurance for you during critical situations. There are lots of citizenship agents helping interested investors complete different formalities related to St. Kitts citizenship by investment.

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