Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Kitts Citizenship-By-Investment : A Sustainable Life-Style

All over the world, people believe in investing in real estate. The sector is rewarding as well as there is high return. But there is a different kind of class they believe in royal living. St. Kitts Citizenship-By-Investment is can be a choice for the both of them. As it symbolizes life-style with grandeur. 
This program is believed to be the oldest one in the world in investment. The government has established St. Kitts & Navis Economic Citizenship-By-Investment Program thinking about the overall growth of the region and the country. 

Firstly to be a member by investment, you need to express your interest in CBI i.e. Citizenship-By-Investment. Also, there is a process in which you should sign a reservation agreement and a non refundable reservation deposit of US $10,000. This you are required to pay to the developer – Belmont Resorts Ltd. 

But the real investment amount is US $400,000 that is of minimum value in St. Kitts & Navis in real estate. By being the investor, you will have lots of facilities available to avail.  I would like to make you aware about few of them.

Once you acquire St. Kitts & Navis Citizenship-By-Investment, you will be wondered knowing about them. Yes it is true. You will gain access to move over 100 first countries with a visa-free travel. The greatest benefit you ever receive. Moreover, the income tax, inheritance tax and the wealth tax will be non-applicable for you. Also, you are not required to have a residency to get hold of citizenship. 

Among the 100 countries, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and European Union countries are included. This program is expanded over 400 acres of land. St. Kitts & Navis is situated in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean Sea. The most advantage of this place is that you can relish 12 hours of sunshine per day in average. 

Moreover, St. Kitts & Navis Economic Citizenship-By-Investment offers alluring advantages to be its member. By being a member, you can share your moments with your family with registering membership for Golf course, Tennis and other sports like horse riding and mountain biking. They are adventurous in real sense. Just to let you know that the golf course if of 18-hole. 

 This program is fully open for any of the citizen of the world. Also, you are being offered a dual citizenship. What do you think about owing a fully well equipped house? Here you can find villas with luxurious pleasure, cottages with natural touch. 

Apart from all these, fitness center, Beach club and Day Spa are there for taking care about your physical health. You can fully do recreation. No need to go anywhere. Just be there and Kittitian Hill will look after you providing charming services any man does want to have. 

The specialty of this program is you can delight with world class cuisine. And the Caribbean Sea adds beauty to it with its luscious greenery. Aren’t these reasons enough to be a member? Kittitian Hill is one in its kind and you can’t imagine any other!

Get more information about St Kitts Citizenship by Investment please visit our website –  or contact us  Tel:- +1.869.4661712. Fax:- +1.869.4652452 , Address:- Belmont Resort Ltd PO Box 1208 A-10 Sands Complex Bay Road, Basseterre St. Kitts, West Indies.

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